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Marijuana Training for Law Enforcement

The Marijuana Team serves as a comprehensive resource for legal issues surrounding the decriminalization of medical and retail marijuana in Colorado. This unit was created by Senate Bill 14-215 “to increase the expertise and knowledge among prosecutors and law enforcement officials regarding the legal and regulatory issues surrounding the legalization of marijuana.” The employees in this unit inform and train others on the laws and industry of medical and retail marijuana and serve as an on-going resource to law enforcement, the legislature, the governor’s office and other states.

POST is in the process of creating new marijuana-related curricula and will release updates on the development of the training along with how to become an instructor for the marijuana curricula.

If your agency would like to host a training, please contact us at


Introduction to Marijuana for Law Enforcement

This class will cover in detail the laws and cases regarding:

  • Civil liability issues
  • Possible defenses
  • Investigations
  • Home grows
  • Traffic stops and searches
  • DUID
  • Butane Hash Oil labs
  • Child abuse
  • Possession
  • Medical marijuana issues and cards

Officers will walk away from the class with a better comprehensive understanding of the legal framework in which to work with regard to marijuana arrests, summons, and search warrants. Officers are also provided handouts and a pocket card to use as reference material.

Please email to request or host a free course. 



For questions about training, please use the following e-mail: