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Adams and Broomfield County Summer Life Line: 303.835.5433 

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New! Family Matters: Executive Guide for developing Family-Friendly Law Enforcement Policies, Procedures, and Culture  

Surviving the Storm: Mental Wellness after a critical incident 

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What is Peer Support?

Peer Support is for employees and families in an effort to support through times of professional and work-related stress, as well as during and following critical incidents. The Peer Support Team provides support to those who experience stresses generated by the role of law enforcement in today's society.

What is the purpose of a Peer Support Program?

  • To provide confidential services to personnel seeking help from a peer versus a mental health professional or EAP.
  • To assist employees facing challenges including depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • To provide employees with another avenue (cop-to-cop support) that could relate to similar issues.
  • The program shall promote trust, allow anonymity, and preserve confidentiality for all members utilizing the program.
  • Provides a more immediate tool to assist employees and their families
  • An effective peer support program will overlap other mental health assistance, such as Critical incident stress management (CISM), Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or a department physiologist.
  • Meetings conducted separately from organized agency debriefing. Peer support provides support for individual officers, not to discuss procedures or action.

Below are resources designed to assist agencies in developing or improving a Peer Support Program.

Mental Health Provider List for Responders

The Responding to Your Relationships Workshop

The Responder Strong Wellness Tool

Law Enforcement Family Resources

Peer Support Presentation (This presentation has embedded videos. To view videos, download and open with Adobe or other PDF software. Videos will not run if opened in browser)

Peer Support Presentation Companion Guide

Sample Policy for Small Agencies

Sample Policy for Mid-Large Agencies

Sample Policy for Sheriff's Office

Video: Lead the Conversation - First Responders

Video: Lead the Conversation - Responder Families

Suicide Prevention

FBI Launches Law Enforcement Suicide Data Collection