C.R.S. 24-31-315 Resource Guide

Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Training provided by POST through the Acadis POST Portal. Please log into the portal, select "Browse or Sign Up for Training" and select the "Special Populations" filter on the left. For assistance logging in or signing up with the portal, please contact POST at 720-508-6721 or 6741.

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Community Policing Resources and Courses Available

Virginia Center for Policing Innovation, https://www.vcpielearn.org/
Community Policing Defined
New Perspectives on Community Policing

PoliceOne: Online Course, https://www.policeoneacademy.com
Community Policing: (2 hours)

De-escalation Resources and Courses Available

COPS: Community Oriented Policing Services: Department of Justice, https://www.cops.usdoj.gov
Public Safety De-Escalation Tactics for Military Veterans in Crisis

Virginia Center for Policing Innovation, https://www.vcpielearn.org/
Violence Interdiction: A Proactive Approach to Mitigating Conflict

Security Solutions International, https://www.homelandsecurityssi.com
Tactical Communication for Law Enforcement

PATC: Public Agency Training Council, https://www.patc.com/training/schedule.php
TACTICAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Verbal Judo, Verbal Defense &, Influence

Anti-Bias Resources and Courses Available

POST-created Course through Acadis Portal - https://copost-portal.acadisonline.com/AcadisViewer/Login.aspx

POST staff has completed the creation of a 2-hour online training course on anti-bias policing. Multiple stakeholders were included in the process, to include staff from three universities, the Anti-Defamation League, Reach Beyond Bias.com and the Mount Pleasant Diversity Group from Michigan. Two POST staff members spent over 300 hours creating this course. This course was created specifically to fill the two-hour requirement of anti-bias policing training of House Bill 15-1287, or C.R.S. 24-31-315. This course (and others) is available on the POST website through the portal.

Anti-Defamation League - https://denver.adl.org/

ADL Anti-Bias Course information and flyer

PoliceOne Online Courses, https://www.policeoneacademy.com/
Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement: (1 hour)
Racial Profiling Part 1: (1 hour)
Racial Profiling Part 2: (2 hour)

Fair and Impartial Policing, https://www.fairimpartialpolicing.com/
There are five existing curriculum that reflect the science-based fair and impartial policing perspective. These include recruit/patrol, first-line supervisor, and command-level (or command/community) trainings.
Recruit and Patrol Officer Training
First Line Supervisor Training
Command or Command / Community Trainings

In the Line of Duty, https://lineofduty.com/
Racial Profiling Training Video
Fresno, CA: Multi-Ethnic Community Policing Training Video