Grant Calendars

Peace Officer Region Training Program


Reporting:  Grantees shall submit the following reports, and any other reports requested by POST using the state-provided reporting forms by their due date. A report must be submitted for every calendar quarter, including partial calendar quarters, as well as for periods where no grant activity occurs.  Future awards and fund drawdowns may be withheld if these reports are delinquent.


Report PeriodReport TypeDue Date
July 1st-September 30thProgress and FinancialOctober 6th
October 1st- December 31stProgress and FinancialJanuary 5th
January 1st –March 31stProgress and FinancialApril 6th
April 1st-June 30thFinal Progress and Final FinancialJuly 6th


Unexpended Balance:  Grantees shall inform POST in writing no later than March 31, 2018 of the status of any potential unexpended balance.  Grantees' failure to notify POST of any unexpended balance may result in the reduction or termination of future awards.

Contact Information

Becky Calomino
Grant Manager

Kimberly Hernandez
Grant Coordinator