Introduction to Marijuana for SROs

School Resource Officer Curriculum on Marijuana

Below are printable handouts for a booklet that you may reproduce and have available for parent-teacher conference or anywhere you think it would help.

Contact Information

(720) 508-6721

Officers will walk away from the class with a better comprehensive understanding of the legal framework in which to work with regard to marijuana arrests, summons, and search warrants. Officers are also provided handouts and a useful pocket card to use as reference material.

Please visit the POST Training Calendar for available course times and locations.

Please use these as you feel they would best fit your student population. Times to consider having them available are: parent-teacher conferences, new student orientation, back-to-school nights, and any other time you and your administrator feel would best benefit the student population. You have also been provided handouts that you may use if you choose to teach a marijuana section in a criminal justice, health or any other class you feel would benefit the student population.

All of the handouts provided have been downloaded from one of the following websites:

Colorado Department of Education
Colorado School Safety Resource Center
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Safe2Tell Colorado+

Each website has additional information that you may find useful. Searching for "Marijuana" on any of these sites will direct you to the handouts provided here along with additional resources.