HB 15-1287 Training & Resource Guide

House Bill 15-1287 was enacted July 2015 and with this new bill came additional members being added to the POST Board, new members on the SME committees and mandatory classes.  POST has had many questions regarding this new mandate as it relates to the mandatory training for 2016.  

This letter outlining the provisions of HB 15-1287 was sent to all Board Members, Agency Heads, Academy Directors & Training Directors on behalf of POST Director Cory Amend. The bill mandates training for all employed Colorado peace officers in the areas of Anti-bias, Community Policing and Community Partnerships, De-escalation, and Proper Holds and Restraints.

Every fulltime, part-time, and reserve peace officer in the State of Colorado who falls under 16-2.5-102, is required to train in Proper Holds and Restraints, Anti-Bias training, Community Policing / Community Partnership training and De-Escalation training.  All of these classes will be two hours in length and it is the responsibility of each individual agency to determine what curriculum is appropriate for their agency and make that curriculum available to their officers by July 1, 2016. These classes can be taken in a classroom setting or agencies may include interactive, web-based training to fulfill this new mandate.  These classes can go toward meeting the 24 hours of mandatory annual in-service training.

It is mandated in HB-1287 that all four of these classes be completed by July 1, 2017, as shown below:

First Year of the Training:   
  • Proper Holds and Restraints training (2 hours)
  • Anti-Bias training (2 Hours)
  • Community Policing / Community Partnership training (2 hours)
  • De-Escalation training (2 hours)
After all four of the classes have been satisfactorily completed in that first year, these classes will then be taught in a two-year cycle. This two-year cycle must be completed once every five years.  The cycle will look as follows:
First Year of the Cycle:
  • Proper Holds and Restraints Training (2 hours)
  • Anti-Bias Training (2 hours)
  • ​​Community Policing/Community Partnership (2 hours) OR De-Escalation Training (2 hours)
Second Year of the Cycle:     
  • Proper Holds and Restraints Training (2 hours)
  • Anti-Bias Training (2 hours)
  • (The class you did not take in the previous year)
  • Community Policing/Community Partnership (2 hours) OR De-Escalation Training (2 hours)
Once training has been completed, the chief executive of each agency is responsible for the accurate tracking of training attendance into the POST records management system (Acadis Portal).  If an officer does not comply with the training requirements of HB-1287, their certification will be suspended and will not be reinstated until the training requirements are met and documentation is submitted to POST.
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