Anti-bias Training and Resources

Anti-bias training is required for all Colorado certified peace officers per C.R.S. 24-31-315.

C.R.S. 24-31-315 mandates that officers complete 4 hours of anti-bias training every 5 years.

****POST has created a FREE online Anti-Bias course as an option available through the Acadis POST Portal. Agencies will be under no obligation to use the POST online Anti-Bias course.****

Contact Information

(720) 508-6721

Agencies may obtain or conduct their own in-house Anti-Bias course that meets the requirements of CRS. The POST Manual outlines learning goals and outcomes for Basic Academy coursework regarding Anti-Bias. This may be a resource for your course development: Section C, I - Introduction to Criminal Justice, Paragraph D - Law Enforcement Ethics and Anti-Bias Policing.

Below are some optional current trainings and resources for anti-bias training that can be utilized to meet this mandate:

Police One Online Courses -

Anti-Bias Training For Law Enforcement: (1 hour)
Racial Profiling Part 1: (1 hour)
Racial Profiling Part 2: (2 hour)


Fair and Impartial Policing -

There are five existing curriculum that reflect the science-based fair and impartial policing perspective. These include recruit/patrol, first-line supervisor, and command-level (or command/community) trainings.

Recruit and Patrol Officer Training
First Line Supervisor Training
Command or Command / Community Trainings


In the Line of Duty -
Courses: Racial Profiling Training Video Fresno, CA: Multi-Ethnic Community Policing Training Video