Training Provider Course Approval

*****Colorado POST will only approve training courses under the following circumstances:
  • Those that are funded through the Continuing Education POST Grant Program;
  • Those that are legislatively mandated;
  • Academy and academy instructor programs in accordance with POST Rules 21 and 25.

When a training provider’s course is approved by Colorado POST, it is approved, “as to form” only, not material content. This means POST is approving the structure of the outline being submitted, the qualifications of the instructor(s) (with supplied documentation supporting those qualifications); and the class is legitimate and enhances or supports the Colorado Basic Academy Curriculum.

POST does not approve web-based training vendors and the courses they provide.

Training Provider Responsibility:
*****ALL regional grant-funded courses must be approved prior to the course being held.

A training provider must submit the following documentation in order to request POST approval for their course to be recorded in an officers POST Portal training record.

  1. Course Approval Form: This form needs to be filled out in its entirety; any blanks will delay the approval process (click link at the bottom of the page for Course Approval Form)  
  2. Detailed outline to include the following:
  • Main goal of course
  • Objectives of course
  • Body of the outline must show how the instructor will meet the desired objectives and overall goal of the course
  1. Instructor(s) Resume/CV: (all instructors who will teach any portion of the course) 
  • Highlighting relevant qualifications for the course being taught
  1. Copies of relevant certificates or degrees may be requested to support the resume or CV submitted by an instructor. If you are submitting a course related to a skills area (Firearms, Arrest Control, and Driving) plan on submitting the relevant certificates.
  2. Submit all documents to: Bob Baker, or if you have questions please call (720) 508-6719.

To ensure timely delivery, POST requests 10 business days to process and review the request and return written approval to the training provider. If any of the above requirements are missing it will delay the review process and the 10 day window will not begin until all required documentation is submitted. 

* Note: Requests which relate to the following training areas may take up to three (3) months or longer for approval due to review by SME committees: Firearms, Driving Training, and Defensive Tactics or Arrest Control. If requesting approval in these areas a more detailed lesson plan and handouts should be included.  If you are requesting approval for one of the four Academy Instructor Training Programs (Firearms, Driving, Arrest Control, or Instructor Methodology) Rule 25 must be followed and proper documentation must be submitted to POST.

When a course is approved the training provider will receive the following from POST:

  1. Written notification (email) stating it is approved and will be provided the course number; good for two years.  (Legal Update courses are only approved for the year they are being held.)
  2. A Training Course Notification form  is used when a class is scheduled to be held during the two-year approval period. This form must be completed and returned to POST.

If any part of the submitted paperwork changes within the two years, it is the responsibility of the training provider to send updated material (i.e. new instructor added or updated information added to outline).

If the course is reviewed and not approved the training provider will receive written notification the course was denied POST approval and the reason(s) for the denial. If your course was denied please contact Bob Baker to discuss the denial further.

Course Approval Form

Training Notification Form