Colorado POST Portal

The Colorado POST Portal (Acadis) serves as a central training and certification repository for all law enforcement personnel and organizations. The system maintains accurate, complete and accessible lifelong employment and training records for officers, including all basic, advanced, in-service, and online training completed, and ensures future compliance with training mandates.

The Colorado POST Portal will allow certified officers and Colorado agencies to document the following:

  • Comprehensive Training Records for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Qualifications/Certifications Management
  • Employment Tracking and Contact Information
  • Academy Curriculum and Training Administration
  • Instructor Management
  • Management Dashboards and Reporting
  • Future POST Training Compliance
  • Legally-Defensible Training Record

For further information and detailed instructions on how to operate the POST Portal, please follow the links below:

POST Portal Log In
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Request Access to the POST Portal
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Entering Training
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Required Phys/Psych Affidavit
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Personnel Update Instructions
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Lori Jencks
Administrative Assistant