SFST, ARIDE and DRE Certification and Update Guide

All SFST and DRE practitioners and instructors must maintain compliance with Colorado State Standards in order to perform 
   roadside maneurvers, evaluations or instruction.



SFST- Standard Field Sobriety Test       

SFST Instructor  

ARIDE- Advanced
Roadside Impaired
Driving Education   

DRE-Drug Recognition Expert

DRE Instructor
DRE Course manager


Required in all POST certified academies

Current SFST Practitioner

Current SFST practitioner

Current SFST practitioner and successfully passed ARIDE

Current DRE practitioner

Selected by State DRE Coordinator

Duration and description of course

24-hour course, providing the basic instruction for SFST practitioners.

NHTSA 32-hour SFST Instructor Development Course

16-hour course on advanced detection of drug impaired drivers

72-hour DRE training, field certification and final knowledge exam

40-hour NHTSA DRE Instructor Development Course

As recommended by State Coordinator

Update Required

2 hours of update training every two years from the date of your last certification. Dates of certification maintained by POST

8 hours of instructor update every 2 years from the date of last instructor certification



8 hours of update training every two years from the last date of certification.  Initial certification:  Must complete 3 evaluations and 1 additional evaluation witnessed by a DRE instructor.

8 hours of instruction every 2 years.  Class instruction is considered a DRE school, ARIDE, SFST school, field evaluations, or as approved by the DRE state coordinator


Who can teach a basic course

SFST Instructor

CDOT approved SFST instructor

DRE Instructor (An SFST instructor may teach session 1-3 on the first day of ARIDE)

CDOT approved DRE instructor

DRE instructor

IACP DRE section-approved instructor

Who can teach an Update course

SFST Instructor, agency-chosen instructors, or CDAC TSRP

SFST instructor or those selected by CDOT


DRE, DRE instructor or others approved by CDOT

DRE instructor or others approved by CDOT


Certification expiration information

If the certification expires, you must complete another 24-hour introductory course.

If the certification expires, you must attend NHTSA 320hour Instructor Development Course


Expired DRE cannot perform field evaluations.  Contact DRE state coordinator with expiration questions.

If the certification expires, you must attend the 40-hour instructor class again.


Courses that
cover multiple

Approved by CDOT

Approved by CDOT

This course may count toward a one-time SFST practitioner or instructor update

Approved by CDOT

See "Update Required" above


Who approves 
courses that apply
to re-certification 





DRE CDOT state coordinator




Who can host a class

Any Agency.  POST funding may be available.

Any agency and CDOT will host several updates annually.  POST funding may be available. 

Any agency.  POST funding may be available.



Coordinated by the IACP DRE Section.


Agencies are responsible for entering training into the POST portal and maintaining compliance

Agencies are responsible for entering training into the POST portal and tracking classes.

Prerequisite of the DRE school.

CDOT hosts 5 regional DRE update and at least 2 certification nights annually


SFS- Standard Field SobrietyTest

ARIDE - Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Education

DRE - Drug Recognition Expert

CDAC - Colorado District Attorney Council

CDOT - Colorado Department of Transportation

POST - Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training

TSRP - Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

IACP - The International Association of Chiefs of Police

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SFST Pocket Card (Printable)

*** Courses taught by CDAC that count towards SFST and DRE practitioner and instructor updates

1.) Comprehensive DUI 16-hour course

2.) Felony DUI Update 8- hour course

3.) Felony DUI Update Recordings

4.) DUI Update 8- hour course\

5.) Webinar classes on Heroin, Toxicology of marijuana, and Marijuana DUI

Other Courses - Green Lab will count as an SFST 2-hour refresher and/or SFST Instructor Update and/or DRE update


Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Training Calendar

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) DRE Program

Colorado District Attorney's Council (CDAC) Training calendar

Colorado Department of Transportation SFST/ARIDE

CDOT 2015 SFST Standards